Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems

How To Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems?

HP printer users face frequent issues with their printers. Irrespective of its good services, HP printers have certain glitches as well. These issues if not fixed at the proper time can completely damage your device.  One of the most prominent issues is the printer in error state. But it is a myth that the issue cannot be resolved. In this article, we will assist you with some easy fixes to your problem.

The error usually occurs when there is a connection problem or update issues within the device. Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems with professional guidelines delivered to users at HP Customer Support Number +1-800-688-0076. Moreover, it is quite possible that users have come across a pop up on their computer telling that the printer “is in an error state“ condition. While this problem generates, users won’t be able to access the printing task. Below we have solutions to get this problem fixed up.

What Exactly Is A Printer in Error State?

Malfunctioning of the HP printers is one of the most common problems experienced by the users. Mending the issue may seem to be complicated but actually, it isn’t. But before mending the issue you need to know more about the problem so that you can easily fix it. Listed below are some major consequences of the error state issue.

  • The toner is not clean also it doesn’t set up properly
  • Printer faces paper jam issue
  • A task is sent to the wrong printer by MS Windows operating system
  • The printer Spooler doesn’t function properly
  • Issues regarding wireless connections will show up

These were some of the adverse behavior of a malfunctioning HP printer. But you don’t have to worry because every problem has a solution. Therefore go through the article to know more hacks about your problem.

Steps to Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems

If one is trying to apply a few useful solutions to this issue then, you can try out below methods:

Fix HP Printer in Error State Problems

Step 1: Check for an Appropriate Connection and Re-start the Devices-

  • Once done with this, perform further methods and check whether it works out or not:
  • As advised by HP Customer Support team, have a check whether the connection between the printer and computer is functioning well or not? Make sure that the device is connecting well to each other accurately.  The network or cables which you are using for the connection has no problem at all.
  • Sometimes, it is possible that this issue arises at the time of start-up also. So, restarting the device will do the trick. One is supposed to power off the computer as well as printer and leave them for a couple of minutes.
  • After a while turn them on and see whether the issue has disappeared or not gone.

Fix HP Printer in Error State

Step 2: Update or Simply Re-install your Printer Driver

  • Printer in error state can also result due to faulty or incompatible printer driver issues. So, install or simply update the driver.
  • Driver Easy is one of the methods which will automatically recognize the PC devices system for the purpose of correcting drivers for it.
  • Run your proper driver and hit scan by clicking on the button. 
  • Click on the “Update” button which is found just next to your printer to enable users to download the latest and correct driver for their device. Hit on the “Update All” button, located at the bottom right section to automatically update all outdated as well missing drivers on your computer.
  • Apart from updating driver, one can work with Driver Easy tool to easily uninstall the driver. This is particularly helpful while users are trying to reinstall device drivers. 
  • Open up the “Driver Easy” tool and select the “Tools” icon.
  • Select “Driver Uninstall” option where you will be prompted with a list of device drivers. Locate the type of printer driver and click on “Uninstall’ button. The selected driver will be removed soon.

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